Audax Dnipro club statement on ACP policy on the Russian war against Ukraine


Dear friends. Audax Dnipro, the club from our association, recently published the statement. We want to share it with you either.

Hi all.

I’m publishing this text at 1:00 as it’s the time we would have to finish the BRM300 anniversary brevet. We would have to take photographs at the finish, greet each other and ride home. But it’s the 109th day of russian war against Ukraine. And there’s a curfew.

I want to remind you that last fall we held the BRM200 anniversary brevet. This randonneuring holiday allowed us to gather the most people we ever had on our events, and celebrate it. We gave them a chance to newcomers try their strengths. And moreover, our friends from Kramatorsk visited us.

What I want to say. My message and the translation of this letter will be sent to ACP representatives.

On the 3rd day of the war, our club together with Moguls Audax and Audax Kharkov took the initiative and sent a letter to ACP to impose sanctions on russian and belarussian clubs. To cancel their associations’ club accreditations and stop registering results for clubs from there. For the terms of these sanctions to be imposed, we offered the end of the war and the point where reparation for this aggressive war is paid in full.

Our letter brought a discussion. Lots of words were said. Lots of countries’ ACP representatives wrote their opinions. We heard support as well as opposing words. ACP’s answer was literally “keep calm”. The only thing we achieved is that mentions of aggressive countries were removed from the ACP site.

It’s the ordinary concealing.

Dear Audax Club Parisien. A few more words. We cite russianrandonneur:

10th April 2022 (46th day of the war):

Randonneuring life goes on. ACP brevets registration goes smoothly. The Euro exchange rate had stabilized and the registration fee comes back to last year’s value of 120 rubles.

19th May 2022 (85th day of the war):

The parcel with BRM300 anniversary brevet was prepared for shipping to russia! Hooray! If the parcel arrives with no delays, we can count on the other deliveries! In addition, I would like to believe that the anniversary event will be another step towards rapprochement and will contribute to the restoration of our friendship and randonneur solidarity!)

Dear ACP. Could you please explain how it turns out that:

  • while “Randonneuring life goes on” the lives of our citizens are coming to an end?
  • while the parcel with medals goes to Russia, bombs sowing death and destruction fly to Ukraine?

If I’m not mistaken, on the 109th day of the ACP war:

  • still doesn’t realize that in Ukraine there is a war which simply makes it impossible to carry out any brevets
  • continues to develop cooperation with the representative of the country that started the war
  • considers it fair enough to allow the citizens of the aggressor’s country to hold brevets and celebrate the anniversary, while the military of this country forcibly takes away this opportunity from another
  • considers it normal to silence the war of russia against Ukraine, even after our appeals
  • considers friends of the citizens of the country that started the war. Just a reminder, according to an official social poll, 80% of the citizens of this country support the war against Ukraine
  • continues to accept money from Russia for registration of results

Now to the point,
I am very sorry for the time and effort I spent on the development of the club and the promotion of your own cycling events. But our club does not cooperate with those who silently support the country of terrorists and consider them their friends.

Therefore, as the club head, I ask to cancel the registration of club Audax Dnipro with club code 550029 to cancel all current and following actions and to consider them not to be held.

The original text was published in the Facebook group Audax Dnipro