BRM300 “Novyi Bykiv / Lazurnyi” preliminary results

On 7th July our club conducted another Audax Club Parisien brevet BRM300 “Novyi Bykiv / Lazurnyi” in Kyiv and Nova Kakhovka. Preliminary results are ready.

There were 5 randonneurs on the start in Kyiv, and all of them successfully passed the distance. The worse situation was in Nova Kakhovka—none of 8 randonneurs could reach the finish in time. Mainly because of a strong headwind and an enormous heat.

We can see again that despite beautiful views of Kherson region and almost flat route do not guarantee you success in brevets passage.

Start in Nova KakhovkaStart in Nova Kakhovka

Participants from Kyiv starting groupParticipants from Kyiv starting group

We want to thank all the participants for taking part in our events. Stay strong Nova Kakhovka, we hope you’ll success in BRM300 in a future.

See you at our next events.

Preliminary results:

Preliminary results of BRM300 “Novyi Bykiv / Lazurnyi”

Corrections, complaints, name corrections and medal requests are expected until 11th July to moguls‑

BRM200 “Pereiaslavskyi / Khorly” results

9th June 2018 our club conducted brevet BRM200 “Pereiaslavskyi / Khorly” with start points in Kyiv and Nova Kakhovka. All the participants passed it successfully, despite for several randonneurs it was the first brevet in their lives.

Kyiv starting groupKyiv starting group

Nova Kakhovka participants in Khorly villageNova Kakhovka participants in Khorly village

We already have approved results from ACP with assigned homologations.

BRM200 “Pereiaslavskyi / Khorly” official resultsClick to enlarge

Also these and previous results can be found on “My Results” page on My / Moguls Audax site.

E-marks will be sent to participants via e-mail. Medals are supposed to be received at the end of the 2018 year.

BRM400 “Nizhynskyi”—official results

We want to inform you that results of BRM400 “Nizhynskyi”, which was conducted on 19th May 2018, had been registered by Audax Club Parisien. Official protocol is attached:

BRM400 “Nizhynskyi” official resultsClick to enlarge

Also all users of My / Moguls Audax platform from now can find a list of their results on the corresponding page.

E-marks will be sent to participants as soon as they are received, medals are expected to the end of the year.

BRM400 “Nizhynskyi”—results

On 19th of May we conducted our first BRM400, which took place in a beautiful Chernihiv region. Randonneurs faced rains, mosquitoes, and sometimes bad roads, but all participants bravely complete the challange.

We want to thank all the participants. We are waiting you on our next events.

Preliminary results:
Попередній протокол BRM400 19.05.2018

In case if you have arguments or propositions, please mail to moguls‑ before May 23th inclusive.

Official results for BRM300 “Lazurnyi”

Audax Club Parisien accepted and registered results for BRM300 “Lazurnyi” which had been conducted on May 05th 2018. Homologation codes were assigned to all results:

Official results for BRM300 “Lazurnyi”Click to enlarge

Registration marks will be sent to participants by email. Medals will be received at the end of 2018.