Upcoming brevets and quarantine measures

Man on bike during COVID lockdown

Dear friends!

We want to share Audax Club Parisien clarifications regarding brevets during COVID-19 pandemic. Due to quarantine measures all over the Ukraine and in Kyiv city in particular all planned brevets starting from 11 April 2021 will be held in a form of individual events. Contact us to agree on the start date, time and route.

    Registration is open. To take part you’d want to:

  • contact us to agree on a route, start date and time;
  • register and pay for selected services;
  • after you finished: send us all the information which confirms that you passed the route within required timeline and complying BRM rules.

BRM300 “Spekotna seriia—300”

19 July 2019, third day we’re on our way of BRM1000.
A bit tired after all the kilometres we’ve ridden and exhausted from the heat we stop at the well near the road. And we’re not alone. “Hi guys!”—the old man says to us. It turns out he came here to quench his thirst, but to fix the well hatch.
We’re listening his life story, sharing owns, and helping him with a hatch repair.
He asks us to make a photograph for the local newspaper, pour water in our bottles and go further.

Here’s how met Volodymyr, which calls himself a volunteer. And we agree with him!

This year we can visit Volodymyr during our BRM300 event. The route starts in Nizhyn, goes through Konotop, Romny, and finishes at Valyka Krucha with essential stop at Perekopivka village.

Start: 24.07.2020, within 20:00 to 21:00 time period from the Nizhyn train station.

Your can get to Nizhyn by train #6920 or #6922.

After the finish there’s a great opportunity to eat and drink some beverages at Velyka Krucha

You may return to Kyiv on Sunday 26 July by train from Hrebinka train station.

All the other routes starts are personal with prior agreement.

Information regarding BRM200 “Pioner”

13th June 1983 the US robot spacecraft Pioneer 10 passed Neptune orbit and became the first man-made object to leave the Solar System. We invite you all to celebrate this event by taking part in our brevet BRM200 “Pioner”!

There are two starts in Kyiv:

For Odesa, Nova Kakhovka and other cities there’s personal starts.


* 18+ Drink responsibly

BRM600 “Road to the sea”


Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian railroad) opens tickets booking for 9 routes (UKR), including trains from Kyiv to Odesa.

And this means that traditional brevet BRM600 “Road to the sea” will be held along the traditional route! And we glad to invite you to join this brevet!

When? 06 червня 2020
Where? Kyiv – start at 06:00
Odesa – start at 07:00
How? Routes and registration

Those of you who interested in taking part in the brevet along the traditional route Kyiv—Odesa we recommend booking tickets in advance.
We recommend book tickets on train IC+ 764 Odesa — Kyiv, in second class car №5.

Please note, quarantine restrictions in Ukraine are still established. You should have an ID and mask with you.

For Kyiv randonneurs who are not able to ride the traditional route, as well as for all our regional representatives, we will propose alternative routes with start and finish at your city. If we don’t, we kindly ask you to propose the route for you and other randonneurs in your city or town.

Sincerely yours,
Moguls Audax team

Flèche and Trache Nationale


The time has come to announce you details of National Flèche and Trace!

This year we’ll meet together in Vinnytsia.

We prepared some routes for both events, but feel free to propose your own.

So, we invite you all, regardless of the ACP association to participate in these events. We’ll be happy if you want to help us with preparations and organization.

Can’t wait to see your applications.

More details on these events and suggested routes you can find here.

Photo by unsplash-logoFranck V. on Unsplash

Sincerely yours,
Moguls Audax team.