Participant’s manual

Principles of events organization can look a bit weird for participants, so we want to clarify how Moguls Audax deals with events organization. Also this information is not present in FAQ. Here’s the short participant’s manual.

So, lets start.


Our goal is to use contemporary technologies in order to ease the life as for participants, as for organizers, i.e. our club. We want to automate as many stages as we can.

So, the main proof of your result is a GPS track file. We do not have any personnel on checkpoints at this time, so there’s no need to stop at checkpoints if your tracking device works properly and records track.

All participants’ tracks will be automatically checked, and CP passage time including start and finish are recorded and included into the final report.


Yes, we understand that there can be technical issues with tracking devices, such as missing parts of track, bad batteries, thunderstorms, etc.—we understand, life it’s life. For such cases we offer you next options on your choice (sorted by priority):

  • Distance passage with a person, who do not experience technical issues with tracking device. In this case we additionally ask you to make a picture with the person you passing a brevet with.
  • Receipts from local stores in checkpoints’ neighbourhood. Checkpoints are usually located in villages/towns or near gas stations, where you can buy some stuff, and receipt will contain an address information of this store and the time.
  • Selfie photographs from the checkpoints with geodata (or at least with EXIF information with date and time). Try to make a photograph in the way to let us asto identify the place where you took this picture, especially in case if your camera or phone cannot put geodata along with photograph. Note that pictures of forest or fields are not quite unique to associate them with exact checkpoint.
  • SMS in form “ДЕ” and send it to 5145. This service is available only for Kyivstar clients. Also it would be friendly if your Kyivstar number is that one you gave us during registration on My / Moguls Audax site. Otherwise, contact us via e-mail.
  • Your undeniable option. We could miss something obvious in this list, so if you see that you can proof your result in the other way—tell us before the brevet is started, we’ll consider your suggestion.


Start is a special case of checkpoints. You would expect a start tent, committee or other attributes of the start.

We will try to do our’s best to have our representative on a start. But there will be no other attributes—the most probable case is that our representative will take part in a brevet.

Here yet can be few questions:

  • you are a bit late at a start, or
  • our representative is late at a start.

How should you start in such consequences? From the time the start is open you can start moving—we’ll see this on your track. So, our representative is not required as it seems to be. And this is true for all the checkpoints, including start and finish.

Being late at the start be aware—starting window is open for an hour.


Checkpoints are not so special for you as well as for us in a case if your GPS tracking device works properly. In such a case you should not stop at all, just keep moving. If you do not have GPS tracking device, see Backups section. In such a case the stop is probably required.


For the moment we do not plan to have our representatives at a finish point. As for the other checkpoints, finish time will be inferred from a GPS track, so there is no so much to do for you at a finish point.

We will consider to have representatives at a finish of long distances, such as 600 km.

In general, if you “passed finish line” and do not see anybody—it’s totally okay. Just save your GPS track to share it with us via e-mail In case if you use Strava, just send us a link to activity.

NB: We plan to automate the process, and for Strava there will be no need to send us a link.

In a case if you do not use GPS tracking device or had issues with it, we ask you in the nearest time share with us the data which proofs a passage of all checkpoints via e-mail In case if you rode with someone following the our guideline of the checkpoints passage proofing alternatives, send us the first and the last name of this person as he pointed during registration on My / Moguls Audax page—kindly ask him or her to share this information with you.

Brevet cards

Regarding brevet cards—we do not plan to hand brevet cards in to participants at a start as we do not have conventional checkpoints where you’d place stamps to.

You can optionally ask us to send you filled brevet card and receive it via postal service as soon as we receive marks with your result.


You cannot locate the starting point, or checkpoint, or finish. How to be in such a case?

Our philosophy—we give you precise GPS route which you should follow. So, if you cannot find a checkpoint by description or address, never mind and just follow the provided route.