Flèche and Trache Nationale


The time has come to announce you details of National Flèche and Trace!

This year we’ll meet together in Vinnytsia.

We prepared some routes for both events, but feel free to propose your own.

So, we invite you all, regardless of the ACP association to participate in these events. We’ll be happy if you want to help us with preparations and organization.

Can’t wait to see your applications.

More details on these events and suggested routes you can find here.

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Sincerely yours,
Moguls Audax team.

Season 2020

Dear friends

2019 season is over, but the new season, 2020, starts in several days!

We’re glad to present to you the calendar of our events for the 2020 year.

In the new season, we’re planning to hold 25 ACP events. There are two Super Randonneur series and BRM1000.

Also on April 11-12, we hold National Flèche and Trace, called “Porubizhzhia”, which means “Borderline” with a meeting point in Vinnytsia!

At the start and the end of the season, in March and October, we invite you to join us on Mediterranean adventures, where we hold first-ever brevets on Cyprus in cooperation with local cycling clubs! Join us there!

Details on all the brevets will be published later, follow us on our site, on Twitter and Telegram (UA/RU).

For the moment registration is open for the first brevet in the new season: BRM200 “The Beginning”.

Seper Randonneur 2019 medals

Super Randonneur 2019 medal

Dear friends,

The Paris-Brest-Paris is over, and there are only a few brevets in club`s calendars. And now, those randonneurs, who made a 200, 300, 400 and 600 kilometers series of brevets for Super Randonneur award can order a medal! Also note, this year medals have brand new design!

What do you need for this? Just fill in the form and make a payment for the medal till October, 1st.


BRM300 “Novyi Bykiv / Lazurnyi” preliminary results

On 7th July our club held another Audax Club Parisien brevet BRM300 “Novyi Bykiv / Lazurnyi” in Kyiv and Nova Kakhovka. Preliminary results are ready.

There were 5 randonneurs on the start in Kyiv, and all of them successfully passed the distance. The worse situation was in Nova Kakhovka—none of 8 randonneurs could reach the finish in time. Mainly because of a strong headwind and an enormous heat.

We can see again that despite beautiful views of Kherson region and almost flat route do not guarantee you success in brevets passage.

Start in Nova KakhovkaStart in Nova Kakhovka

Participants from Kyiv starting groupParticipants from Kyiv starting group

We want to thank all the participants for taking part in our events. Stay strong Nova Kakhovka, we hope you’ll success in BRM300 in a future.

See you at our next events.

Preliminary results:

Preliminary results of BRM300 “Novyi Bykiv / Lazurnyi”

Corrections, complaints, name corrections and medal requests are expected until 11th July to moguls‑[email protected].