Dear randonneurs!

We want to share good news with you—Moguls Audax starts a series of brevets, which will allow you to:

During the neares two months we’ll hold four brevets:

Follow announcements on our site to know when registration is open for each of these brevets.

See you at starts.

Sincerely yours,
Moguls Audax team

Nova Kakhovka meet up place

Dear friends, we want to announce that we’ve found the place to meet you in Nova Kakhovka.

We’ll be waiting you on Saturday, 19 January, from 15:00 to 18:00 at cafe Rich Coffee, 10 Pershotravneva str., Nova Kakhovka.

See you soon.

Medals for 2018 season hand out in Kherson and Nova Kakhovka

Dear friends!

We’re going to Nova Kakhovka and Kherson to meet you and bring medals for 2018 season.

So, we want to invite all of you to meet and chat. Short agenda:

  • medals and brevet cards hand out
  • planning 2019 season
  • Q&A session

Time and place:

  • Nova Kakhovka, Saturday, 19th January, 15:00—18:00, the place will be announced later
  • Kherson, Sunday, 20th January, Rock Burger, 22 Suvorova str., 15:00—18:00

Sincerely yours,
Moguls Audax team.

2018 medals arrived

Dear randonneurs!

We’ve got pleasant news for you—we already received medals for brevets we held in 2018.

In the nearest future we’ll arrange a meeting in Kyiv, where you can get your medal as well as have some drink and conversations with other randonneurs.

Also we plan to visit Odesa on 29th December, where, if the weather is good, we’ll hold BRM200 “Novyi rik”. If weather is not so great for a long winter rides, we’ll arrange the same meeting there.

Randonneurs from Nova Kakhovka will be able to get theirs medals along the meeting we plan to arrange there. We plan to have Q&A session, discussion and medals issue. For the moment this meeting is not scheduled, and we’ll do this later.

All details of the meetings will be published a bit later. Also, all of those who ordered the medals will be informed about the time and place of the meeting by e-mail.

Moguls Audax team

Seper Randonneur 2018 medals

Dear friends,

The season 2018 is comming to an end and there are thouthands of brevet kilometers behind.

So, we want to announce, that those randonneurs, who made a 200, 300, 400 and 600 kilometers series of brevets for Super Randonneur award can order a medal!

What do you need for this? Just fill in the form and make a payment for the medal.


BRM300 “Lazurnyi” shift, My / Moguls Audax release

Dear friends!

We’ve got some great news.

First of all track of BRM300, which will take place on May 5th is changed. Also we decided to swap dates of BRM300 “Novyi Bykiv” and BRM300 “Lazurnyi” not to ride 300 kilometers in south Hell in a summer. So, on May 5th we’ll hold BRM300 “Lazurnyi” with start in Nova Kakhovka, and BRM300 “Novyi Bykiv” will take place on July 7th.

In addition we want to announce a release of our new platform, which aims to ease brevets management for riders as well as for us—My / Moguls Audax!

After you registered on My / Moguls Audax, you can see the list of scheduled brevets, choose and register on those you are interested in. In the nearest future we plan to add a brevets archive page with results.

Our goal is to get advantage of new tochnologies and make the participation easier—results will be automatically checked,—and protect participants’ personal data.

For the moment you can register for participation in BRM200 “Pereiaslavskyi”, which will be held on April 14th in Kyiv, and in BRM300 “Lazurnyi”, which will be held on May 5th with start in Nova Kakhovka.

Moguls Audax team.