BRM200 “Bilotserkivskyi”

200 kilometers Audax Club Parisien brevet “Bilotserkivskyi”.

Distance: 205 km, control time: 13:30 hours.

  • Start: 0 km, Metrolohichna str., Kyiv, time: 11.08.2018 07:00—11.08.2018 08:00
  • CP1: 28 km, Velyka Buhaiivka village, time: 11.08.2018 07:49—11.08.2018 09:24
  • CP2: 55 km, Hermanivka village, time: 11.08.2018 08:37—11.08.2018 10:45
  • CP3: 106 km, Bila Tserkva, route M-05, Shell gas station, time: 11.08.2018 10:04—11.08.2018 13:56
  • CP4: 164 KM, Velyka Buhaiivka village, time 11.08.2018 11:49—11.08.2018 17:56
  • Finish: 205 km, Richkovyi Vokzal, Poshtova Ploshcha, Kyiv, time: 11.08.2018 13:02—11.08.2018 20:30

Distance passage control: GPS track (Strava, GPX file).

Additional information regarding how our club holds events you can find on participant’s manual page.

ACP result registration fee: ₴40.

In addition you can order:

  • Brevet passage certificate—brevet card with the ACP result registration mark in it: ₴40;
  • Medal: ₴260.

Payment for participation, medals and certificates is carried out by one transfer to the Monobank card: 5375 4141 0005 5564.

Please keep a receipt for the payment.

In order to register on the event you have to create an account in My / Moguls Audax system.

Registration on My / Moguls Audax


Brevet is conducted strictly following the Rules of BRM. By registering on the event you agree that you have read and ready to comply with these rules. If you have any questions about rules, brevets etc, please, take a look at FAQ page.

Make sure you and your bicycle is ready for the ride: we’ll check presence of reflective vest and lights at the start.

By registering on the event you agree that your data will be processed by Moguls Audax. Your personal data is processed following article 17 of the rules of BRM.