BRM200 “Novyi rik” (New Year)

Audax Club Parisien brevet BRM200 BRM200 “Novyi rik” (New Year).

Distance: 201 km, control time: 13:30.

  • Start: 0 km, 6 Hrushevskoho, “WOG” gas station, Odesa, time: 06:00—07:00
  • CP1: 41 km, Maiaky village, time: 07:12—09:03
  • CP2: 85 km, Monashi village, time: 08:30—11:40
  • CP3: 126 km, Bilhorod-Dnistrovkyi, time: 09:42—14:24
  • CP4: 165 km, Hrybivka village, time: 10:51—17:00
  • CP5: 185 km, Velykodolynske village, time: 11:26—18:20
  • Finish: 201 km, Marii Demchenko str., 411th battery memorial, time: 11:55—19:30


The route goes close to the national border, don’t forget your ID or passport

Distance passage control: GPS track (Strava, GPX file).

ACP result registration fee: ₴50.

In addition you can order:

  • Brevet passage certificate—brevet card with the ACP result registration mark in it: ₴40;
  • Medal: ₴260.

Payment for participation, medals and certificates is carried out by one transfer to the Monobank card: 5375 4114 0053 3373

Please keep a receipt for the payment.

For registration you should have an account on My / Moguls Audax site. Those who have rode with us already have accounts and just have to recover password and enter an e-mail they entered during registration for our previous brevets.

Rigistration on my / Moguls Audax


Brevet is conducted stricktly according to the rules of BRM. By registering for the participation in brevet you accept that you will be follow these rules. If you have any questions, you can find some frequency asked questins on corresponding page.

By registering for participation you consent to your personal data processing. Personal data is processed according to Rule 17 of the APC rules.