BRM300 “Lazurnyi” shift, My / Moguls Audax release

Dear friends!

We’ve got some great news.

First of all track of BRM300, which will take place on May 5th is changed. Also we decided to swap dates of BRM300 “Novyi Bykiv” and BRM300 “Lazurnyi” not to ride 300 kilometers in south Hell in a summer. So, on May 5th we’ll hold BRM300 “Lazurnyi” with start in Nova Kakhovka, and BRM300 “Novyi Bykiv” will take place on July 7th.

In addition we want to announce a release of our new platform, which aims to ease brevets management for riders as well as for us—My / Moguls Audax!

After you registered on My / Moguls Audax, you can see the list of scheduled brevets, choose and register on those you are interested in. In the nearest future we plan to add a brevets archive page with results.

Our goal is to get advantage of new tochnologies and make the participation easier—results will be automatically checked,—and protect participants’ personal data.

For the moment you can register for participation in BRM200 “Pereiaslavskyi”, which will be held on April 14th in Kyiv, and in BRM300 “Lazurnyi”, which will be held on May 5th with start in Nova Kakhovka.

Moguls Audax team.

BRM200 “Khorly” results

We’ve held our first brevet in Nova Kakhovka. In two hours after the start rain changed with sunny and warm weather, which supposed to make our trip to the sea pleasable. But strong gusty headwind made the first part of our brevet quite difficult, and not all participants were at finish before the closing time. Of seven riders who started only two were at finish before it closed, two interrupted passage and three were at finish late.

Nonetheless we are happy with results. It was astonishing Audax ride with spirit of adventures.

Preliminary results table you can find below.

Попередній протокол BRM200 «Хорли»

We want to thank all the randonneurs who took part in our brevet and waiting for you at our future events!

If you have any comments or corrections, please mail to moguls‑[email protected] before March 21st inclusive.

Happy International women’s day

Dear ladies!

We want to wish you a happy women’s day. Let gender stereotypes will not limit your hopes and dreams, and your hopes and dreams, in turn, will not have any limits.

We hope to see you more often at any cycling events and especially at Audax Club Parisien events.

You can do it all!

BRM200 “Kuchurhan” results

Our BRM200 “Kuchurhan” was started as declared. Sadly, none of those, who started BRM200 “Kuchurhan” completed the distance in time. From four of registered ones, only three started and none finished due to weather conditions, lack of fit or other reasons.

Looking forward for next starts!

Official results for BRM200 “Novohrad—Kyiv”

Audax Club Parisien accepted and registered results for BRM200 “Novohrad—Kyiv” which had been held on November 11th 2017. Homologation codes were assigned to all results.

Link to the protocol will be sent to all participants via e-mail ’til the end of the year.

Terms in which paper certificates will be handed out still not defined. All the participants who requested certificates will be additionally informed in case of any news or changes.

As usual, medals will be received at the end of 2018.

Explore Moldova

On November 18th we made exploratory ride to a little town Ștefan Vodă in Moldova. Border passage did not make any problems — quick, with no inspections and questions. Also we were impressed with the road quality on M-15, Odesa—Reni as well as road in Moldova.

As a conclusion we’d like to note that Moldova is a great country for randonneuring. Also since this year there is randonners club there, so it’s very likely that we will visit Moldova again in 2018 to take part in official brevets there.

Audax Club Parisien brevets from Moguls Audax

Dear friends!

We are glad to share great news with you! Our club has been registered by Audax Club Parisien, so in 2018 season we git the right to hold Brevets Ranndoneurs Mundiaux events in accordance with Audax Club Parisien calendar.

Every month during the year, except December and January, our brevets will take place in three cities of Ukraine—Kyiv, Odesa and Nova Kakhovka. We invite all desirous to take part in these events. The range of distances is starting from 200 and goes up to 600 km. Results will registered in Audax Club Parisien for all who successfully pass routes in given time limits and following ACP rules.

You can get acquainted with the list of brevets on the corresponding page.