BRM600 “Road to the sea”


Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian railroad) opens tickets booking for 9 routes (UKR), including trains from Kyiv to Odesa.

And this means that traditional brevet BRM600 “Road to the sea” will be held along the traditional route! And we glad to invite you to join this brevet!

When? 06 червня 2020
Where? Kyiv – start at 06:00
Odesa – start at 07:00
How? Routes and registration

Those of you who interested in taking part in the brevet along the traditional route Kyiv—Odesa we recommend booking tickets in advance.
We recommend book tickets on train IC+ 764 Odesa — Kyiv, in second class car №5.

Please note, quarantine restrictions in Ukraine are still established. You should have an ID and mask with you.

For Kyiv randonneurs who are not able to ride the traditional route, as well as for all our regional representatives, we will propose alternative routes with start and finish at your city. If we don’t, we kindly ask you to propose the route for you and other randonneurs in your city or town.

Sincerely yours,
Moguls Audax team

Flèche and Trache Nationale


The time has come to announce you details of National Flèche and Trace!

This year we’ll meet together in Vinnytsia.

We prepared some routes for both events, but feel free to propose your own.

So, we invite you all, regardless of the ACP association to participate in these events. We’ll be happy if you want to help us with preparations and organization.

Can’t wait to see your applications.

More details on these events and suggested routes you can find here.

Photo by unsplash-logoFranck V. on Unsplash

Sincerely yours,
Moguls Audax team.

February and March brevets registration

Dear friends!

The winter is passing by, so that’s time to get prepared for new adventures.

During January we were trying not to dawdle and prepared new routes and events

For now, registration is open for BRM200 and BRM300 which will take place in the late February and early March:

For March 7th and 8th, there are two planned brevets BRM200 and BRM300 which will be held in Cyprus. These brevets will be the first Audax Club Parisien events on this island. Additional information about these brevets will appear in the nearest future.

But that’s not all news! The main and the most wanted event of the spring is National Fléche and Trace “Borderline” will also be announced soon.

Follow updates on our site!

Medals hand out for 2019 season and BRM200 “New Year” registration

Dear randonneurs!

New Year is coming as well as time for presents giving. Moguls Audax and Audax Kharkov invite you to the joint meeting, where you can get the medals for last season and Super Randonneur ones!

We’re waiting for all of those, who ordered medals on ours and Audax Kharkov events to meet in a friendly atmosphere on Wednesday, December 25th in “Pyvna Duma” pub, 10 Khreshchatyk str., Kyiv, 18:00 to 22:00.

And for those, who cannot wait taking part in the new season’s BRM events, we’re inviting you to take part in BRM200 “New Year”. You can ride this brevet at any day before December 28th inclusive. Contact us to approve the date and the route you choose.

BRM200 “Mazepa”—registration

Dear randonneurs!

(Tune for this song before reading: Liszt: Mazeppa, Symphonic Poem No.6, S.100.)

Season in on the air, and we hope the weather will allow us to hold the next brevet in the season—BRM200 “Mazepa”.

We named it after Ivan Mazepa, a Ukrainian political figure. On this day, 23rd November 1708 (12th November due to Julian calendar, which was in use in Russian empire up to it fall) Russian Orthodox Church anathematized Mazepa for “motherland betrayal”, i.e. betrayal of Russian Empire.

Due to past dependence on modern days Russia predecessors, Ukrainian citizens are not quite familiar with the real role of hetman in fighting for our country’s independence in such political obstacles he had by the time of his power. Thereby, we propose you to (re-)touch the biography of this man, and find out his contribution to a modern Ukraine history and his struggles for the sake of Ukraine’s independence.

So, we invite you all to take part in our brevet route of which passes the Mazepa’s home village Mazepyntsi, where hetman was born.

Mazepa monument in Mazepyntsi village, source: Wikipedia
When? 23rd November 2019, 07:00
Where? Kyiv


How? Details

Season 2020

Dear friends

2019 season is over, but the new season, 2020, starts in several days!

We’re glad to present to you the calendar of our events for the 2020 year.

In the new season, we’re planning to hold 25 ACP events. There are two Super Randonneur series and BRM1000.

Also on April 11-12, we hold National Flèche and Trace, called “Porubizhzhia”, which means “Borderline” with a meeting point in Vinnytsia!

At the start and the end of the season, in March and October, we invite you to join us on Mediterranean adventures, where we hold first-ever brevets on Cyprus in cooperation with local cycling clubs! Join us there!

Details on all the brevets will be published later, follow us on our site, on Twitter and Telegram (UA/RU).

For the moment registration is open for the first brevet in the new season: BRM200 “The Beginning”.