Information for BRM600 “Road to the sea” participants


We’re publishing recommendations list for randonneurs, who chose or will choose the route from Kyiv to Odesa.

So, here’s what we think you should pay attention to:

  1. If you plan to go back to Kyiv by train, your bicycle should be packed according to Ukrzaliznytsia rules.

    What does it mean? In practice, dismounting of the front wheel and packing the bike with the wheel into the cover is enough.

    So, do not forget your bike cover.

  2. It’s quite probable that you’ll want to change the clothes as you arrive. Just not to smell like a hobo in a pub and on a train on the finish evening.
  3. As brevet finish is on Sunday evening, and the nearest train is early on Monday, you’d want to book a hotel room for this night.

    Due to our experience, there’s no problem staying at a hotel with a bike, but mention this as you will book the room.

Hotel booking is your responsibility. But we want to give you a hand and deliver your small baggage to the finish, such a small bag with clothes and a cover for your bike. Your baggage will wait for you at the finish.

We’re waiting for your bags until Thursday, 4 June. Contact us to confirm the time and place, where we’ll pick it from you.

See you at the start,
Moguls Audax team