Updates on National Flèche and Trace


We’ve got updates from Audax Club Parisien regarding National Flèche and Trace.

Because of the spreading of COVID-19 and quarantine measurements in Ukraine, holding of Flèche and Trace is not feasible.

We’re not talking about cancellation yet. We currently have permission from the Audax Club Parisien to postpone these events. So, we have the following plan:

  • National Flèche and Trace will not be held on 11—12 April 2020.
  • We are monitoring the situation (not only decisions by the Government of Ukraine but also WHO recommendations).
  • We plan to give an update on the Flèche and Trace dates before the end of April 2020 to make your and your teammates’ planning of participation easier.
  • Registration of those teams who already registered for participation is retained along with start place and time.
  • Also, we want to notice that registration for Flèche and Trace is still opened. More details you can find on the events page.

Also, we want to remind you that we do not cancel brevets. Get familiar with nuances of participation during the pandemic you can find here.

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Sincerely yours,
Moguls Audax team.