Recommendations regarding participation in brevets due to COVID-19

Dear randonneurs!

Due to quick coronavirus COVID-19 spread and quarantine measures across the country, we all face challenges to behave responsibly to ourselves and everyone else.

Of course, this also touches the Audax Club Parisien events held by our club.

We want to inform you of changes we plan to make to keep it possible to hold the events, as well as general recommendations gathered from trusted sources.

The start of the coming BRM200 “Kruty” and BRM300 “Kruty” brevets will be in the format of an individual start with the date and time agreed for each registered participant. This will make it possible to spread different participants’ starts in time in order to avoid unwanted contacts.

After registration, please contact us via contact form or Telegram to agree on a date and time so that we can coordinate all the participants.

Besides, we recommend:

  • Pass the route on your own, without friends. While it may bring a bit of boredom and complexity, it is a safety issue that is at your own risk.
  • Minimize visits to any establishments along the way—gas stations, shops, cafes (if they work).
  • If you have ever visited any of them, wash your hands well or disinfect with an antiseptic.
  • It is highly recommended to bring your food with you—so you do not have to depend on shopping, gas stations and cafes.
  • Observe the hygiene of hands while on the road, do not touch the face. We understand that this is difficult while you’re into a brevet. If you want a snack, we advise you to stop, treat your hands with an antiseptic and then eat.

We are monitoring the situation and will be reporting further changes.

Updates on National Flèche and Trace will be posted soon.

Sincerely yours,
Moguls Audax team