BRM200 “Mazepa”—registration

Dear randonneurs!

(Tune for this song before reading: Liszt: Mazeppa, Symphonic Poem No.6, S.100.)

Season in on the air, and we hope the weather will allow us to hold the next brevet in the season—BRM200 “Mazepa”.

We named it after Ivan Mazepa, a Ukrainian political figure. On this day, 23rd November 1708 (12th November due to Julian calendar, which was in use in Russian empire up to it fall) Russian Orthodox Church anathematized Mazepa for “motherland betrayal”, i.e. betrayal of Russian Empire.

Due to past dependence on modern days Russia predecessors, Ukrainian citizens are not quite familiar with the real role of hetman in fighting for our country’s independence in such political obstacles he had by the time of his power. Thereby, we propose you to (re-)touch the biography of this man, and find out his contribution to a modern Ukraine history and his struggles for the sake of Ukraine’s independence.

So, we invite you all to take part in our brevet route of which passes the Mazepa’s home village Mazepyntsi, where hetman was born.

Mazepa monument in Mazepyntsi village, source: Wikipedia
When? 23rd November 2019, 07:00
Where? Kyiv


How? Details