BRM300 “Chervonyi mak”—continuation

Dear randonneurs.

Last weekend we held BRM300 “Chervonyi mak”, but registration was opened too late, and not all the randonneurs were able to take part.

We apologize for this incident.

We appreciate your desire to take part in the Audax Club Parisien events, and we hold them for you, indeed. So, we decided to continue holding this very brevet, and make a start on 11th May for all of you, who missed an event on 4th May.

For further info, please, contact us.

Note that results for events on 4 and 11 May will be registered within one protocol. So all of you who already took part in BRM300 “Chervonyi mak” will not obtain another homologation in case of completion of the event on 11th May.

Sincerely yours,
Moguls Audax team.