2018 medals arrived

Dear randonneurs!

We’ve got pleasant news for you—we already received medals for brevets we held in 2018.

In the nearest future we’ll arrange a meeting in Kyiv, where you can get your medal as well as have some drink and conversations with other randonneurs.

Also we plan to visit Odesa on 29th December, where, if the weather is good, we’ll hold BRM200 “Novyi rik”. If weather is not so great for a long winter rides, we’ll arrange the same meeting there.

Randonneurs from Nova Kakhovka will be able to get theirs medals along the meeting we plan to arrange there. We plan to have Q&A session, discussion and medals issue. For the moment this meeting is not scheduled, and we’ll do this later.

All details of the meetings will be published a bit later. Also, all of those who ordered the medals will be informed about the time and place of the meeting by e-mail.

Moguls Audax team